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Questions we have been asked!

Over the last few years we have been asked a lot of questions about air duct cleaning here are a few.

  1. Is cleaning the HVAC system going to resolve all of my problems? No, you may need additional service from other service providers. The system maybe be low in Freon, the system may not be the right size for your building, your system may not be working correctly and cleaning will not fix these type of problems. We also don't wash your car or clean your windows of your home, but a clean HVAC or Dryer system will work better then a dirty one according to the (EPA, NADCA, ASHRAE) 
  2. Contracts, To sign or not to sign? Never sign an open ended Contract for work to be done in your home. The example below is a sales tactic that we have seen all to often. One price to get you to call and another when they find out you can be intimidated into more. For example, recently we received a letter from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) stating a customer had filed a complaint about us (ASR) and complaining the price went from $99.00 to $600.00 this is price swapping in the middle of the job. After I spoke with the complainant it was clear to him the company he was trying to file papers on was (AARS) a totally different company. Here is a link to our BBB report history   
  3. Are you the company with the $99.00 coupon in the paper? "NO" We can not do the job you want done for $99.00 dollars! Most of the time this advertised price is just to get into your home, then the price changes big time! The $99.99 price in most cases will not include cleaning of the indoor fan the indoor a/c coil and additional charges for glues and chemicals they use will drive the cost way out of control. By the way glues used inside the ductwork to stop dust from coming out of the ductwork is against the law and will cause the glued in place dust to become a fire hazarded.
  4. Does having your air system cleaned provide any long term benefits? Well yes, clean equipment will not cost as much to use and if the system is clean the equipment does not have to work as hard or as long to heat and cool your home or building . Georgia State University (GSU) did a study that stated a clean system will reduce the cost of heating and cooling a building by as much as 10% over a years time. 
  5. Can all systems be cleaned? The truth is no! Some ductwork should not be cleaned, internal lined ductwork such as fiberglass Duct board can be damaged if cleaned to aggressively and very old flex duct that is lined with fabric will be damaged by cleaning. This type of flex duct should be replaced and the lined ductwork or duct board should be coated/painted after cleaning with a high quality refurbishment product to create a solid surface that will allow air to pass over the fiber glass without breaking free more fiberglass and blowing it into the air you breath.
  6. Can flex duct be cleaned? Yes it can be, well the newer type can be. Older types will not stand up to the cleaning.
  7. Will cleaning ductwork help reduce the dust in my home? Well yes, if you think about it. If the system is clean there is no dust to be blown out of the system and then land on your furniture. 
  8. Why due air duct systems need to be cleaned? The truth is when a house or building is built the construction process causes contamination to the HVAC system. Workers cutting wood, sheetrock and tile inside the building for the cabinets, door, window trim, doors, walls, floors and/or sanding floors, walls and trim cause considerable contamination to HVAC systems. Hint. don't allow the HVAC system to be used during construction of any kind.
  9. How due we clean HVAC systems and duct work? Well in short, the work areas are covered with drop cloths the system is put under a negative vacuum and cable driven brush systems with high pressure air being delivered behind the brush will be used to enter the ductwork from the vent openings and the ductwork is brush and air swept from the vents back to the main trunk or plenum. Then the main is brushed and air swept back to the vacuum located at the HVAC unit. With our equipment we pull on average from 2,500, 6,000 or 12,000 CFM "depending on the equipment used" of air through the ductwork and we apply 185 PSI of air pressure at 24 CFM to the interior walls of the ductwork to break free and move the dust and debris from the walls of the ductwork and then back to the vacuum. Then the coil, heat exchanger, fan and other components like the housings, wiring, doors and walls are cleaned. Lastly the supply vents and return vents are cleaned with a Hospital grad disinfectant cleaner then they are installed  after the areas inside and around the vents are vacuumed. lastly after all equipment and floor covering are removed all work areas are vacuumed with a HEPA filtered vacuum to insure the area is as clean or cleaner then before the cleaning.
  10. Due we drive on the grass? NO!!!!!! With the portable equipment we use driving on the grass is not needed usually. It is very important that you tell us as much as you can about your home or building so we can bring the correct equipment to do the right job.
  11. When due HVAC systems or dryer vent systems need to be cleaned? HVAC systems should be cleaned after a house has been built and before the first owner moves in, then about every five to seven years after to prevent buildup of dust and debris in the ductwork and system. Dryer vent systems should be cleaned about every five years or when the unit does not dry the cloth in the usually time it should take.
  12. Will cleaning the HVAC system stop all of the dust in my house? No, it will not! Cleaning the system will greatly reduce the dust in your home or office. House dust is made up of our dead skin cells, carpet fiber, lint from cloths and other fabrics such as furniture and other textiles such as window treatments. Cleaning will remove the build up of debris in the system but it will not keep the system clean. Good quality Filters are needed to keep the system clean,  filters with a MERV rating of between 8 and 14, 14 being the highest and best filters will stop the house hold dust from entering the system. House hold Vacuum are also to blame for most of the fine dust you will find, most vacuums use paper bag filters that will break or leak when full allowing dust to escape and land on your furniture after vacuuming. 
  13. Can we guarantee the system will stay clean after the cleaning? NO!!! You have more control over that then we due but we will show you how dirty the system is before the cleaning and after the cleaning we can show you how clean the system is! We guarantee the system will be clean when we finish.
  14. Will cleaning help my allergies? In most cases yes! living in a cleaner environment will help to reduce the contaminates in the air you breath leaving the house cleaner and the occupants healthier.
  15. Due we use coupons? Yes, for our returning customers we offer a saving coupon on the next cleaning.
  16. Is cleaning very expensive? Well, two men working on a small 13 vent house for three to four hours will cost a bit, but not as much as you could think.
  17. How due we set the price for the job? Our prices are set due to the type of work are doing, the location of the job, the size of the job, the number of systems and the number of vents.
  18. Can we give references from past jobs?  Yes, but not over the phone and not through the mail or internet. We do not give out customers information. You can read the references letters on this web page or you can come to our office and we will call them for you.
  19. How Long does it take to clean a House? An average house about 1,500 square feet will take two technicians about three and a half to four hours to finish
  20. Can we finance the job? No, but we except checks, cash and most credit cards.
  21. How far in advance do you need to call us to set an appointment? Most of the year a two to three day window is needed to set an appointment. We set the start time of our morning jobs at or close to 8:00 am and the afternoon jobs at or close to 1:30 pm.
  22. Will there be a mess when you are done?  No, though most jobs at the start look as if we are preparing for the worst, most customers appreciate the fact we go through as much as we due to protect there property, runners on the floor if our equipment "vacuum hose" comes into the house, floor drop/sheets under ceiling vents around floor vents and on furniture around vents.    
  23. Do you need to move furniture? No, we will move any furniture that need to be moved but you will need to move any and all the breakables around the work area.
  24. How do I know if my air duct need to be cleaned? As I wrote above if the system has not been cleaned in the past 5-7 years it is time, also look in the vents behind the grilles and behind the air filter. I like to say if you would not allow the debris you see in the ductwork on your dinner table during supper you need to have the system cleaned.
  25. How due I find a good air duct cleaner?  The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) is a good place to start looking, they have a certification program that test the practical and hands on knowledge of the Technician applying and testing for the national certification. The certification program, the Air System Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) program is the least of the criteria that you should look for. The lead technician performing the work should hold an ASCS certification, NADCA's by laws state all member companies will maintain at least one ASCS per office to be members of NADCA. Another good NADCA program is the Certified Ventilation System Inspector (CVI) this program test the knowledge and experience of the technician as to the proper working condition of an air conveyance system and how to identify indoor air quality problems. The Better Business Burrow (BBB) and other such programs are also important. 
  26. How clean is clean? "Visibly clean" is the goal.


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