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Steps for cleaning

The 7 steps listed below are what typically happens on most air conveyance system cleaning jobs this is referred to as, performing Source Removal. Source Removal is the only method recognized by the US Environmental Protection Association (EPA) as to cleaning HVAC systems. Source Removal is the only way to insure a Good Job. The layout and configuration of the system can vary from job to job but the entire system will need to be cleaned to insure complete customer satisfaction and to benefit from the cleaning....


7 Steps to Successful  Source Removal

We Use on smaller jobs Gas Powered Portable Vacuum Units (6000 CFM)
  On Large Multi-Zoned Commercial Systems HEPA Filtered Portable Electric Powered Vacuum Units Are Used (6000 CFM)
     This Is A Lay Out Of the Components of an  HVAC System  (Up Flow Unit)


A portable Gas powered vacuum unit that pulls 6,000 cfm Portable electric powered vacuum unit that pulls 6,000 cfm. The EPA's image of an HVAC unit.  
  We Also Use Truck-Mounted Vacuums For Larger Systems (1200 CFM)
                                                We use portable smaller equipment   can also be  used (2,599CFM)  HEPA filtered


 Air Tools,  Brushes And Inspection tools   (185PSI @25 CFM To 185PSI @ 185CFM)  
Small portable vacuum equipment it pulls 2,500 cfm An assortment of air driven tools  
  1. The job site is prepared, work areas are covered and the equipment is set up.

  2. A high powered vacuum system is connected to the ductwork, the ductwork is isolated from the unit.

  3. The supply and return vents, registers or grilles are removed and cleaned with a hospital-grade disinfectant/cleaner.

  4. While under a vacuum, the supply and return ductwork are brushed and air-swept.

  5. The air conditioning evaporator coil, heat exchanger, blower fan and internal surfaces of the unit are cleaned.

  6. The vents are reinstalled and the system is returned to a working state.

  7. The work area is restored.

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