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Indoor Air Quality Products

The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of your Home or Office can be improved and controlled with regular cleaning, proper filtration and proper maintenance. It goes with out saying in some cases you can clean the inside of your home or building day and night and you will still see dust on counter tops and furniture, it's everywhere. That dust you are seeing is coming from the one place you can't clean that's the Heating and Air Conditioning system or High Velocity Air Condition (HVAC) system, you have to think of the ductwork as being a room in your House or Building that you have walk through, cooked in, slept in, played in but never have been able to clean for yourself. Just about all of the problems related to Heavy Dust accumulation can be resolved with proper cleaning and restoration the system. After cleaning comes filtration, filtration of the air is very important in maintaining good IAQ. The average through away filter is only about 7% efficient at stopping Indoor Air Contaminates (IAC) from entering the HVAC system. Pleated filters are more efficient at stopping Dust, Animals Hair, Pollen and other IAC. The use of a Central vacuum systems removes the dust and debris from your indoor environment and expels it outside of the living space. The use of supplemental equipment is acceptable and in some cases highly advisable and will help to improve and control the IAQ of a home or building. Ultra-violet lights, whole house air cleaners and air purifiers should be part of a game plan for fighting back and providing good clean air for you and your family, friends and coworkers.

[New!]Attic Tent[New!]   The Attic Tent is the ultimate Attic access cover it insulates and seals the Attic pull down stair or Attic door way and comes in a few different sizes to fit most access doors and pull down stairs. This product creates an air tight barrier and fits standard folding attic stair and door sizes! The 360 degree Zipper allows safe and easy access with a strong round access opening! The Attic Tent keeps out insulation and dust particles, which improves indoor air quality. The Attic Tent is unique because it deals with one of the main problems affecting the performance and efficiency of an HVAC system and that is "INFILTRATION" or air loss. The Attic Tent works with the HVAC system to optimize performance this product has been found to reduce the load on a HVAC system by a half ton of cooling loss through this area. The Attic Tent should have the same effect on Energy savings and indoor air quality during both hot and cold seasons.


Attic Tent Brochure

Key Benefits

  • The Attic Tent stops heat gain from the attic and helps to keep cold air out of your House.
  • The Attic Tent stops dust and pests from the attic and helps keep your home clean.
  • The Attic Tent lowers your cost for heating and cooling your Home.

Ultra violet lights

          [New!]24Volt  [New!]


110, 220, 240 Volt


  UV lights use 254 nanometers of wavy length of light "Blue" to irradiate the inside of an HVAC unit or ductwork to keep the air clean. The light will kill mold, bacteria, germs and fungi and keep them from colonizing and spreading through your HVAC system. Some UV light are to be used indoors or only in Attic and crawl spaces, other models can be installed inside package units or in wet environments.  The UV Light should be installed in the Air Handling Unit with a bulb on both sides of the A/C coil in order to kill mold, bacteria, germs and fungi. The hyperlink below the images opens a new page or window with a  file that covers the product in the image....
2 bulb UV light







 UV-Lights Information

Key Benefits

  • UV lights only costs pennies a day to operate and the light bulbs last for up to 9,000 hours that's one year....
  • UV lights used in this manner are considered to be a class 2 Medical device, they not only kill Mold spore but also Germs and Bacteria....
  • After cleaning an HVAC system installing good filters and using UV lights you can expect to reduce allergy problems, reduce strong odors and greatly reduce house hold dust ...

Air Filtration Systems   

Space Guard filter Pleated filters other pleated filters

Good quality HVAC system filters have similar features. They are used to filter all of the air traveling through the HVAC system, they are thick enough so that you can not see through them and they usually are pleated back and forth in the frame in order to increase rigidity and surface  area to improve air flow.

Key Benefits

  • The use of good quality filters in the HVAC system will not only keep the system cleaner longer but will also help to reduce house hold dust. This will keep the house cleaner longer between dusting, vacuuming and cleaning...
  • High quality filters also help to remove the odors from cooking and smoking...
  • The use of good high quality filters will keep the HVAC system from breaking down as often and reduce overall utility cost by as much as 10% annually...

Whole house vacuum systems

Most Accessory Kit Includes:

  • 30 foot hose
  • Power-Touch Handle with fingertip controls
  • 2 metal wands
  • 13 inch motorized power-brush with headlight
  • Extra belt
  • 10 inch bare floor tool
  • Deluxe dusting brush
  • Upholstery tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Clip-on tool rack
  • Hose hanger

Central Vacuum Systems

Eureka Central Vacuum Systems are built-in cleaning appliances that let you clean your home and improve indoor air quality at the same time. Central Vacuums are quite powerful and give you a thorough whole-house clean. They also remove 100% of contacted dirt, dust mites, pollen, dander and other allergens vacuumed from living areas, making them ideal for relieving allergies. Use the Hyperlink below to open a new page or window with information about the products.

Key Benefits

  • This type of system can be installed in new or older homes with little to no remodeling, little or no disturbance to walls and virtually no mess...
  •  1 inlet kit will cover approximately 700 square feet around the inlet...
  • Most installations would include 3 to 4 inlets a pan-vac and a garage outlet...
  • This system is 50 times more powerful then most household portable vacuum cleaners...
  • A system like this can be used with little to no disturbance to sleeping children or those watching TV or doing homework do to the vacuum unit being located outside the living space...

Whole house air cleaners

Air Purifier Air Purifier

Whole house air cleaners/purifiers come in many types styles and configurations, they should be considered only if cleaning the indoor environment, cleaning the Heating and Cooling system, proper filtration and possible repairs to the HVAC system and building Envelope have been performed...


Key Benefits

  • Air cleaners not only remove the Air Born particulate with the use of filters systems but most now have UV lights installed inside to kill Mold and Bacteria...
  • These units are small, portable and very effective at removing dust and odors. Portable units allow you to move the unit around the house or room allowing some flexibility in its use....
  • The Filters and UV light are easy to maintain (cleaning and component replacement is needed)...

Dust Mite powder  (dermatophagoides pteronyssinus)

        Dust mite

The Dust mite or the aero mite is commonly found in household dust that can be found in carpets, bedding and cloth furniture or any place that humans live. Dust mites consume human skin cells and absorb moisture from the air to drink through their skin and they will breed every 14 days. They are the leading cause of allergy problems in the morning after you have sleeping in a contaminated bed and also after house hold vacuuming. They can be killed by lowering the relative humidity in the indoor environment or home to level below 52%. Mites can be killed by washing bedding, clothing and stuffed toys in water above 130 degree. The carpet your young children play on can be treated with Dust mite X powder, this powder can be sprinkled on the carpets and then vacuumed out, this will kill the eggs and Adults. This should be done every few days to kill the newly hatched eggs. Cleaning, treating and encapsulating can be a major benefit to those people with allergies...

Key Benefits

  • Killing Dust mite's can reduce the level of allergens in the environment this will reduce allergy problems.   
  • This product is safe for use indoors around children and those with breathing problems.
  • This product is affordable and can be used on carpets and cloth furniture.

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